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Posted: December 13, 2012 in Diary Entry
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its not that the absence of fear that makes you courageous. its the presence of the will to go beyond that fear is courage. the human soul is an incomplete being. it needs a connecting piece to solve the mystery of life. well in most cases. the path of life is to be tread alone. the hardest parts for sure. but there comes a patch in this fruitful life which kills you a little. which keeps you away from fellow beings.  a detached soul, a laughing pain, a jolly heartache. we cry, we smile, we laugh, we shout. all in the darkness of the inner depths. a light seems a blinding agent. a hope seems like a crushing ram. its not the absence of sorrow that keeps you happy, its the presence of the faith that things will get right keeps the smile intact. you fall, you rise, you grow, you learn, then you fly. its not the presence of wings that will take you higher, its the absence of thoughts that chain you the ground.



Posted: August 14, 2012 in Diary Entry
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Its only when you are in your lows, the toughest times, when you fall down, you sre able to look beyond your skin. Beyond the feelings that exist. You are able to look at your core. That core which truly defines you as a person. When darkness falls around you then the light inside shines. Then you can question yourself, and find the path to your answer. Failure, makes you grow. For till you dont fail, you can never truly succeed. There is no hope without true despair.