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a smile that cheers. a smile that lifts you. a smile that comforts. you will lack that many times in life. tear won’t flow, giggle won’t pass. you will stare aimlessly in the space that keeps eating you. doors close, you become claustrophobic. you learn to live in it. you settle down. things start becoming stagnant. the peace reigns but it upsets. motionless. lifeless entity begins to seep within you. the only thing you do is Laugh. but you won’t let yourself break, you won’t let that happen. you wish to grow out of that. you fight those yokes that humane emotion. a life must grow, a change must happen, you should give up everything. to fill up, you become empty. empty to the core. you grin. you stand up, you slap yourself and walk. then get that deafening sound out, and then you Laugh. at the one you left, the old you.



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Its only when you are in your lows, the toughest times, when you fall down, you sre able to look beyond your skin. Beyond the feelings that exist. You are able to look at your core. That core which truly defines you as a person. When darkness falls around you then the light inside shines. Then you can question yourself, and find the path to your answer. Failure, makes you grow. For till you dont fail, you can never truly succeed. There is no hope without true despair.


Posted: July 16, 2012 in Diary Entry

life shall bring you with emotions and turns. and places that will leave you at some place you seem to lose all you have. everything. you will be torn down, lost your senses, and have nothing but despair. life will treat you hard. it will test you to the core. till you lie on the edge. till you scream. till your insides scream. till that edge cuts you. makes you feel that pain, till then no hope shines. you die several times, taste blood quivering over your skin. you lose direction, insides broken, and in that randomness, the heart swings with beats. cries with pain, yearns for love. that very tripping point, if you can hold on, if you can push harder, if you can still stand, that very edge you stand on shall become the sword in your hand. that darkness will shine with hope, those broken insides shall find peace. and then, you can Rise.

TDKR Tones

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Diary Entry
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Some awesome TDKR Tones extracted from the newest videos.Time to show your fan-side to the world. Set up the tones as your ringtone, message alert!

Files: “Audio”

TDKR Bane Games: “Let the games begin!”
TDKR Bane Punish: “YOur punishment must be more severe”
TDKR Bane Reconing: “I’m Gotham’s reconing”
TDKR Bane Tone: “Bane”
TDKR Batsy Car: “This isn’t a car!”
TDKR Bruce Wife: “My Wife??”
TDKR Catty Adaptable: “I’m adaptable”
TDKR MTV Score: MTV TV Spot Background Score
TDKR Rises Msg Tone: “The Dark Knight Rises”

All the above files are in MP3 format. UNzip and RISE.


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you fall. you rise. you go down. you lay low. but still, one huge blow awaits. you know it is coming. cos you can bear this. you await to be broken, bruised. to lament and cry. you’ve done it a hundred times over. you get stronger each time. you question your strength. you question the light. you live only once. this ride among the worlds you live in becomes unpleasant, haunting, shivering cold-like.¬† you close, you live grand, you speak happy. you live low. that fire burns. success tastes like water. quenches thirst but not the soul. you live, you fight. you can’t sleep. the very kind of emotions you have on a roller coaster ride. you are bound to the ride till it completes. from the start, to the end, lies a world. its a dark tunnel journey.


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sadness, mirth, grief, joy. they are very complex emotions. its hard to escape out of it. growing in them can make you strong, build a coffin for you. running amidst this foggy darkness, thoughts lost in tears, life grown and held back. its inhumane to not pity oneself. this darkness, is bestowed upon you in the mighty heavens. each night, you have to kill that old self. kill all that hurts. all that messes up needs to be lost. become empty. no words to talk, no ears to listen. you have to fight this all alone. become a shining Knight. because, it was never you, but the one’s who believe in you. this grief needs to be endured.


Posted: May 9, 2012 in Diary Entry

what i had learned i there us luxury in many forms. having friends, tops the list. you grow up being friends with the toys, the tricycle that little stuff. then you grow up around neighborhood kids.  to cherish that you have to be someone they like, else they shall move away. in this way chosen. a company is never expected. you can grow up, but you can never live without them. a companion is needed. in what is destined, this part need to be traversed with a heavy heart. before becoming truly lost. the path needs and has space for just one soul, one belief to be able to give what may come, and live though all that. live thru the loneliness. the fights that happen inside the core, are to be fought without an army. and maybe, just because you cannot stand seeing hurt the ones you love. but somehow, someway the end is hurt. life is remembered thru pains. the biggest pains are the ones your friends can provide. easily.

He Fails, He loses Hope, the Fire rises, The Dark Knight Rises!

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batman is no survivor of an alien planet or an individual undergone some chemical treatment. he is no mutant not all the fancy usp superheros possess. he is just a man. and like every other human, he inherits the weakness common to the race. he gets hurt, he bleeds, he experiences pain. just the way you and me do. the alter ego, bruce wayne as a human has many limitations. but batman, he cannot have demarcation around anything. he has no limits. he presents himself as a larger than life persona to his opponents. but when he is brought down by the yokes of human flesh, he sometimes has to give in. fighting with the world is easy. compared to what goes inside of you. your mind, body, soul. these can tear you down or give you the strength to rise. it is pain, the eternal suffering, the discipline, and the face of darkness that makes the knight fight back. but yes, he is a man. he has a heart. he does feel fear. and then, he becomes the fear!


Posted: February 12, 2012 in Diary Entry

you are born in this world with tears in your eyes. some are blessed to leave it with a smile. you grow, you build yourself, and then you turn to dust. the cycle follows the same path with each of us. we wonder what happens when we die, what happens when we do something. but times come, when all you do is stare into the nothingness. the space, the void left somewhere. you become lost for the time. the thoughts that were once a beautiful time, now become a memory. you are stilled by the most simplest of acts that take you to the silent parts not on the outside, but in the darkness of your hearts. this nothingness, can build you or break you, or take you within itself. when you drown yourself in it, and spark a flame inside. the limbs act, and you: RISE.