Open book

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Diary Entry



Imagine a room where you enter, you  find a blank open book and pen to write. You are to asked write whatever you want to. Give it a thought , what will you write. Going blank? Dont know what to write.Now consider the room as a person’s world where you enter & the book as the life of the person. Getting the analogy?

When you don’t know what to write (except a few pep[;e who always have something to say or learn or tell) then how do we become an epoch in ones life. The time spent with a person in his/her life, the interaction, the talks, every second makes our presence an episode .You might be the main character of that lesson or just characters who play their part, but some characters live through all the chapters and become crucial figures to build up an interesting book.

Now, since…

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