Posted: November 27, 2012 in Diary Entry

there are situations in life you feel like the case of the glass half full or half empty. there is s duality the exists in mind which does not let you see you things as they are. but creates an illusion of a wrecked imagery of your thoughts. it twists your mind in such a way, you are left with puzzled form of everything that surrounds you. it pushes you to the point of desperation that you are ready to leave each aspect in the way it is and run away. they haunt you. they kill your sleep. your peace. and they laugh in the nothingness of your thoughts. they throw you to the very depths you rose from. you hunt for peace. you hunt for stability on like you are on the razors edge. all that is left is to stretch out yourself. those arms to the sky and plead. it reduce yourself to the nothingness of ashes and become hollow. empty all the pain. all those tears. burn yourself down. then only you can rise. like the phoenix.

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