Posted: August 20, 2012 in Diary Entry
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a smile that cheers. a smile that lifts you. a smile that comforts. you will lack that many times in life. tear won’t flow, giggle won’t pass. you will stare aimlessly in the space that keeps eating you. doors close, you become claustrophobic. you learn to live in it. you settle down. things start becoming stagnant. the peace reigns but it upsets. motionless. lifeless entity begins to seep within you. the only thing you do is Laugh. but you won’t let yourself break, you won’t let that happen. you wish to grow out of that. you fight those yokes that humane emotion. a life must grow, a change must happen, you should give up everything. to fill up, you become empty. empty to the core. you grin. you stand up, you slap yourself and walk. then get that deafening sound out, and then you Laugh. at the one you left, the old you.


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