Posted: July 16, 2012 in Diary Entry

life shall bring you with emotions and turns. and places that will leave you at some place you seem to lose all you have. everything. you will be torn down, lost your senses, and have nothing but despair. life will treat you hard. it will test you to the core. till you lie on the edge. till you scream. till your insides scream. till that edge cuts you. makes you feel that pain, till then no hope shines. you die several times, taste blood quivering over your skin. you lose direction, insides broken, and in that randomness, the heart swings with beats. cries with pain, yearns for love. that very tripping point, if you can hold on, if you can push harder, if you can still stand, that very edge you stand on shall become the sword in your hand. that darkness will shine with hope, those broken insides shall find peace. and then, you can Rise.


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