TDKR Tones

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Diary Entry
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Some awesome TDKR Tones extracted from the newest videos.Time to show your fan-side to the world. Set up the tones as your ringtone, message alert!

Files: “Audio”

TDKR Bane Games: “Let the games begin!”
TDKR Bane Punish: “YOur punishment must be more severe”
TDKR Bane Reconing: “I’m Gotham’s reconing”
TDKR Bane Tone: “Bane”
TDKR Batsy Car: “This isn’t a car!”
TDKR Bruce Wife: “My Wife??”
TDKR Catty Adaptable: “I’m adaptable”
TDKR MTV Score: MTV TV Spot Background Score
TDKR Rises Msg Tone: “The Dark Knight Rises”

All the above files are in MP3 format. UNzip and RISE.


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