Posted: May 20, 2012 in Diary Entry

you fall. you rise. you go down. you lay low. but still, one huge blow awaits. you know it is coming. cos you can bear this. you await to be broken, bruised. to lament and cry. you’ve done it a hundred times over. you get stronger each time. you question your strength. you question the light. you live only once. this ride among the worlds you live in becomes unpleasant, haunting, shivering cold-like.  you close, you live grand, you speak happy. you live low. that fire burns. success tastes like water. quenches thirst but not the soul. you live, you fight. you can’t sleep. the very kind of emotions you have on a roller coaster ride. you are bound to the ride till it completes. from the start, to the end, lies a world. its a dark tunnel journey.


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