Posted: May 9, 2012 in Diary Entry

what i had learned i there us luxury in many forms. having friends, tops the list. you grow up being friends with the toys, the tricycle that little stuff. then you grow up around neighborhood kids.  to cherish that you have to be someone they like, else they shall move away. in this way chosen. a company is never expected. you can grow up, but you can never live without them. a companion is needed. in what is destined, this part need to be traversed with a heavy heart. before becoming truly lost. the path needs and has space for just one soul, one belief to be able to give what may come, and live though all that. live thru the loneliness. the fights that happen inside the core, are to be fought without an army. and maybe, just because you cannot stand seeing hurt the ones you love. but somehow, someway the end is hurt. life is remembered thru pains. the biggest pains are the ones your friends can provide. easily.


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