Posted: February 29, 2012 in Diary Entry

batman is no survivor of an alien planet or an individual undergone some chemical treatment. he is no mutant not all the fancy usp superheros possess. he is just a man. and like every other human, he inherits the weakness common to the race. he gets hurt, he bleeds, he experiences pain. just the way you and me do. the alter ego, bruce wayne as a human has many limitations. but batman, he cannot have demarcation around anything. he has no limits. he presents himself as a larger than life persona to his opponents. but when he is brought down by the yokes of human flesh, he sometimes has to give in. fighting with the world is easy. compared to what goes inside of you. your mind, body, soul. these can tear you down or give you the strength to rise. it is pain, the eternal suffering, the discipline, and the face of darkness that makes the knight fight back. but yes, he is a man. he has a heart. he does feel fear. and then, he becomes the fear!


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