Posted: January 9, 2012 in Diary Entry

these are the times when you feel enough of all this. it needs to end or it will end you. you need to get it out. you need to get back to being normal. the mind plays games, terrible games. and you are the one being played with. and you know you can take it. doing what is needed. for everyone. yet you fail. cannot match up to expectations. utter failure. and then you mourn, cry, tear yourself down. and when nothing can be done, laugh at the state you are in. try to flow tears so the insides get out. feel like you need to get back to who you were years down the line. but then all this was a choice. the night has become a part of you. the limits you feel have reached. the glass filled to the brim. the wait should have ended. you can still take it. but the future isn’t dark, its already enough.


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