Posted: December 26, 2011 in Diary Entry

the night of christmas when the lights shine like stars and the people carry spirits of joy in the heart. a dim light flickers somewhere. a broken soul limps to reach the starry sky of happiness. and when the knight limps himself, it gets hard to save those. yet running thru the winds, and chasing the frost, allow a few tears to flow and let it all go away. when the hurt flows away, you make space for little happiness. when you get lighter, you can hold on to others weights. share the burden and pass on a smile. for the knight has dawned for the same purpose. to take the cold out of the hearts and light a fire in them. getting back into the cave, in the darkness, a small thought flows, and prayers for the broken souls. for i believe in a Saviour, Christ Jesus, thru whom we all are saved. Who gave his precious life for the sinners. in His arms now i rest. Glory be to the Lord. Merry (Dark) Christmas!


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