Just a man

Posted: December 21, 2011 in Diary Entry

when you have been to the best of your abilities, people tend to think you to be as perfect. as the guardian of gotham, the crusader was thought to be one. a perfect person. or as most believed, a creature. but when he falls, and limps to be back, he is cast out. for people forget, you are a man too. a person who does make mistakes, who gets hurt, who wants to speak, who has a heart too. it is hard to please when you can barely stand. when you are limping, you cannot support someone. how hard you try. a cape and a mask can hide your identity, but not who you are. deep down as well on the surface. it isn’t going to be same again. and that is why its not about The Batman, its about, The ‘Goddamned” Batman. The fires rise a legend will end.


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