Posted: November 24, 2011 in Diary Entry

Pain is an inevitable scent of life. it has to be felt, as humans; as the crusader, endured. times come when the same pain can crush you down. tear you and leave you with nothing. not even yourself. the silences will echo even more, when the words or groans wont come out. they build a fortress around you and not let you escape. and all you can do is endure. hoping it will end soon. but the anger, assimilates into your blood as venom and shows you the darkest parts of your self. you cannot let that win. you cannot fall. that hurt won’t leave you, you have to leave that. you have to take all the hurt. you have to grow out of it. rise above all of it. only then, you can come past what hurts you. because, that hurt isn’t stronger than who you are. pain is bound to the earth. you are not. you know you can do it. you can take it. all of it. you are not just a man. inside, you are more. Rise to it.


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