Posted: November 4, 2011 in Diary Entry

and times come when you are just flooded with a lot of emotions and such times you hardly know what to do you behave weirdly, all the negativity comes in engulfing your core. you feel dark, lost, emotionless. sometimes you need the heaviest of hurts to heal the petty hurts u have a day to day basis. and some flashbacks just push u in a state thats difficult to have yourself pick up from. some words, some incidences just come rushing to your mind. that one face just crashes everything you have. the leaves fall of the tree.. and its winter all over you. all you can do is run to your depths. but then.. there are traces of the people who lived in there. a place with webs, abandoned. that darkness has something for you always. your actions are no more controlled by that decisive mind but by the rush of blood. you prefer to be alone. with the thoughts that haunt your dreams. you cry with dry eyes and silent groans. and then they say, its the same freak again. A FREAK. that’s who you are.


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