Posted: October 14, 2011 in Diary Entry

being on one end of your thoughts and watching the very own world you created burn on the other ends seems to be a disturbing thought. everyone in this life has gone through the phase of sacrifice. we all have done it, some more, some less. the story of the knight is all about the sacrifices he makes on his personal front to serve a higher goal. to make it for the souls who are crushed. sacrificing his life, his existence, his love, his relations for one sake. to fear out fear. he can be called selfish for the way he does things, but no one has ever sacrificed much. not as he does. his heart is broken, mended, thrashed and then again he possess a greater heart to live through it. to take more. to deliver more, to surpass himself. what he’s doing not not heroic at all. that’s the sacrifice he’s making. he’s being something more.


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