Venom of Night

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Diary Entry

the night has its own venom. its killing like others too. but its sweet. its a sweet venom for lovers to kill themselves and get lost in each other. its a sweet venom for some to stay awake to keep a watch. and for some to make more out the 24hrs they have. the creatures of the night.

the night’s venom is a slow poison. it slowly takes over your entire body. starting from your limbs, the venom makes them weaker until they can move. then it paces to your heart. calm it down to an extent you can barely hear it. in the silence. then, your eyes take down, losing strength to keep the lids open. they are filled with blood until you let them rest away.

and then it comes to the brain. all the thoughts come rushing in at once and you are jolted. then slowly it calm them down. and your subconscious takes over. this part get shielded from the venom somehow. and you get your dreams. horrifying, scary, sweet, happy. feel the venom. feel the night. feel me out of it!


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