Posted: September 18, 2011 in Diary Entry

some days are meant to be special. for some people in your life. these days are when you try your level best to make it special for them, you are brought facedown in the dust. your feelings, your love is crushed under feet, and your emotions get spit.still you try to make that one day good. bring a small smile. and all your efforts are rejected blandly. your feelings become secondary, and earthly issues become more important suddenly.

still you try again, inspite of the hurt, you try to complete the day. and the episode repeats. a little smile tries to focus itself on you and you are about to get a little high. but the day wouldn’t let you. it passes the baton to the night, and there it is, one person you expect from also turns you down. and you are left with your hurt.

hard times come, some last long, some for short. but every hurt teaches you a lesson. but sometimes, you can’t stop loving even if they hurt you ‘n number of times. all you can do is shed a small tear, let it pass. and start loving again. Endure the Emotion.


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