A Selfless Bastard

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Diary Entry

Sometimes, there is nothing you feel. You just feel stranded. Somewhere with trees all around, and a narrow asphalt road. Unending. Then you know that you are all alone. Just too alone in this chaotic little world. You know people come and go, walk out of your lives, like a public toilet. They come in desperation. They walk over your clean lives and spread their clutter. And when they feel better, just walk away without even giving a second thought. And you are ready to serve someone else. In a matter of time, the person comes and says, you’re too dirty. And leaves. You keep collecting peoples (I’m avoiding that word) but nobody cares. When they feel alone, they come to you, when they are dumped, or hurt, they know there is you who can be there. A selfless bastard.


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