Posted: September 7, 2011 in Diary Entry

we all in some part of our lives, need a little quiet.a silent moment is need to calm your thoughts. in this too busy life, a small lost moment, a slow song, a thought of someone, is needed which ca n stop all the chaos building in our minds. a dark knight’s life is made of such silences. i try to speak, but halt at the thought of letting the depth out in the open. the one who can understand these silences can truly understand you.

some silences are needed for you to analyze your deepest thoughts. silences exist for the reason, you have no one to hear you. such times are best overcome by following the Bartender technique. go somewhere, meet a complete stranger. and talk the deepest secrets of your heart. he/she won’t be able to do anything, but atleast let it go from within. you need to empty your thoughts.

silences can hurt, heal, replenish or release you. fw set you free, other bind you in the darkness. you cannot be bind in silence all your life, nor can keep sounding all the time. my best asset is my silence. i know who understands me, rest i don’t care. so i don’t speak. my words are precious. yet there is no escape to this tranquility.

  1. Gauri Khodaskar says:

    Very well said! Silence gives you a chance to introspect yourself and re-innovate your life… Silence is Golden! 🙂

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