Posted: September 4, 2011 in Diary Entry

As a follower of the Caped Crusader, I’ve learned one thing about him, love has been the greatest weakness for the Batman. He has had flings with many women, but never a lasting relationship. Tied in a similar moment, here go the secrets of my heart.

Love is one very special emotion only the true hearts can deal with. In a roller coaster of emotions, it’s hard to decide whether to take a dive into the pool of love. In a crusade called life, we are constantly dealing with highs and lows. In a spiritual realm, (in which I’m back into the safety of the camp, away from the fights) love can be a big support, or it can be the biggest hold-back. Near and dear ones always haunt you.

Love is a matter of choice, to accept it. You cannot choose whom to love. but sure whom to be with. Me, I’m scared to be in love with someone. I had been, now its a choice for me. to accept my urges, or let it pass. The shadow cannot love. here is where i end.


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