Fear (Part I)

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Diary Entry

The legend of the dark knight began with death. the death of a boy’s parents. the first post of this diary accidentally began with the same. next in the list comes FEAR. and today i felt it. not of heights, not of darkness, not of ghosts. but fear of myself. The biggest fear in the world i think is the fear of your own self.

we are complex creations. we are good, bad, determined, shallow, hopeful, broken… many more.. we need faith, we need hope. all the time. fear is an instigating emotion. it escalates your senses or destroys them completely. what we fear, lies within ourselves. nothing from the world can get us to fear it.

what is the most we fear? i got some quick answers on that. losing the ones you love. incompleteness. but one time comes when you have to overcome these fears. they are smacked right on your face. and you have no where to run or hide. it is the time to confront them. overcome. make yourself larger than you fears. that is when. you become the Knight for the dark!

(more on this soon)


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