Death: The Start!

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Diary Entry

what do we miss the most? the one’s we don’t have with us. the ones we cannot meet anymore.. we all have pain in one way or another. we express pain by crying, grieving of what we could have done.death is inevitable. but there is hope, in Jesus Christ.

death is the biggest loss in one’s life. it happens. to all of us. to all those who are close to us. to all we don’t even know! feels like a major setback in our lives. a part suddenly scraped off! All we are left is with the countless memories of those times, good, bad, beautiful or ugly. all suddenly start to mean a lot. all that was ignored becomes so important to us. death is not an end, it is a begining in heaven’s kingdom. sometimes, pain is meant to remain silent
inside our hearts. to flow out by means of small tears. to be expressed by gasps.

that is when darkness buries the past. end to a note, not thought of, but the first post of the man from the night, The Dark Knight.


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